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Can’t, Can

This woman was keeping track of the words I said as if she was putting magic into them, cooing and awing and whispering as she typed, "good good..." into my sentences And it was in that moment that I realized the clarity of my visions and what I’d been searching to...

Blog, Poetry

Sleeping Lessons

I can feel the bones of so many places I’ve been So many ghosts I’ve seen Whispers heard on a distant shore, or breeze I find myself always yearning for the ancient history so far away, a time I never knew One I’ll Never Live. I’m an idealist at heart but we have...

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A Message Against Fascism

We are in a time when the disease of Fascism is yet again attempting rise in our world. Not just in Europe where it existed, but most noticeably in America with a rise in White Supremacy and Neo-Nazi organizations coming into the open over the last 5 years, and...

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